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Our team has various experiences in different business fields, which helped us to understand Lithuanian B2B sector culture and what’s working best in this area.

One of our companies is also a call center in Lithuania, which is focusing on B2B sales services. Regarding that, we’re representing more than 60 different businesses, with their products/ services fields, a year. That means, that we’re always keeping in touch with the B2B market pulse and continuously looking for the best-performing strategy in this field. 

We’re not just simple couthers  or consultants, who are living only from this activity. We’re living from our businesses, that’s why our knowledge, experience, competence, and advice are practical and was tried on ourselves.

Areas in which we're consulting

Starting a business

Business development

B2B sales

Business acquisition

Expansion into other markets

Effective customer support

Juridical and taxes in the Lithuania

Business efficiency and optimization


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