Head of Lithuania branch service

Our job is to help you to expand as fast as it possible

Our team has various experiences in different business fields, which helped us to understand Lithuanian B2B sector culture and what’s working best in this area.

One of our companies is also a call center in Lithuania, which is focusing on B2B sales services. Regarding that, we’re representing more than 60 different businesses, with their products/ services fields, a year. That means, that we’re always keeping in touch with the B2B market pulse and continuously looking for the best-performing strategy in this field. 

We’re happy that we were trusted by companies from the USA, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Estonia, and more, for which ones we helped to open branches in Lithuania.

Steps and what is included in service


Market research

Like in every business to start or expand their producing goods/ services portfolio, the first step starts with market research, to see how the market adapts to new business, products, services, etc. It’s the same when a business wants to expand into other markets, before you take further steps, must be done the quality market research to minimize risk, secure investments, and make sure how is market reacting to new players.

Incisions in which we do market research:

  1. Potential clients;
  2. Competitors;
  3. Law and present/ future regulations, which could affect business in future perspective. 

When market research is done, we could see the real picture of the market and had important data, from which we could move forward with decisions and strategies. Depending on your activity, we would prepare an optimal strategy in which method we could move into the Lithuania market, is it a silent way, which doesn’t require many investments or it would be a fast and loud expansion. 

When we have a primary strategy, the second step is to create step by step plan, on how we would achieve goals that we set with timelines. 

Strategy & plan



Open a company

Our recommendation is to open juridical status (company) in the market, where you like to expand, to make future processes easier, for people hiring, renting office space, and of course to negotiate with customers and suppliers. 

Depending on your business, it’s not always necessary. Regarding needs and strategy, we could find the best fitting proposal which is to combine budget and office space.

Find office space



Find & hire a team or outsource partners

Depending on business specifics, activity, strategy, and prepared plan, we would find and select needing team or outsource partner. The selected team we would train, not depending or it would be sales, customer support, administration, HR, or other spheres. When a team is prepared and starts working, we constantly supervise it, do training, evaluations, and other needed aspects to achieve and maintain the best quality and results. 

When the team is prepared, all processes are set and everything is working – it starts to give feedback and incomes. Our main goal until we pull back, is that branch would work successfully and be profitable, then we could move to the last step – find a new, permanent branch manager.

Generate incomes



Finding new branch manager

When everything is on the track, the team is trained, suppliers and first clients are founded, branch generates income, then is the time for our last step – find a new, permanent branch manager, train him, represent the company culture, values and give all needing support for first couple weeks. This process usually took about 1 month, until we could safely and ensure leave branch and finish our services package. 

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